Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Different Moods of the Water

Morning sun shinning on San Carlos, MX
Calm, flat water, almost at high tide, going down.

Pretty calm and clear.  See the darker area at the top of picture?
I'll talk about that in a minute.

Wind blowing making the water very rough.  High tide.

Ok, now we have low tide.  And rocks which I had never seen before.

Remember that dark area in the other picture, turns out to be seaweed.

I learned that this seaweed needs rocks to grow on.

This woman paddles along with the dolphins several times a week.

Another view of my rv, from Elliott's yard.


This is what you look like after a day running around in the sand.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

From the Arizona Desert to the Beach in Mexico

I spent a total of 21 days in Arizona.  During that time I got a couple of things done to the RV.  I had  the grey water and black water tanks cleaned and inspected.  They found that the valve on my grey water tank was showing signs of old age so I had them replace that valve.  In that process they found that the valve that was there from the factory was installed incorrectly.  They showed me what was wrong and what they did to replace it and improve it.  I must say, that valve is working much more smoothly than it ever did.  Also had a hydraulic hose replaced on one of my leveling jacks.  Yuma is a good place to have that done since it is a farm area there is a hydraulic hose place right down the street from my mechanic and within 20 minutes he had a brand new one, freshly made, in his hand and in no time I was back on the road.  Shout out to Diesel Automotive in Yuma. 

I was able to meet up with some of my boondocking friends out in the desert. I saw Nick and Dolores, Linda and Jerry, Beverly, Bette and Kyra. Got to park by Moms Tree and the kitties got to run free.

We had a foggy morning, there's Kyra's RV.

I had a bit of an incident in Mexico, where I bottomed out the RV while turning
into a driveway.  This is what happened to my safety cables.  Ouch!
I have new ones now.

Sunset behind Moms Tree.

And just like that we're back on the beach in Mexico.  

Bubba and I in the early morning sunshine.

Sunset behind Tetakawi.

I'll be here for a week and then it will be time to head farther south to Jocotepec, on the western shores of Lake Chapala.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I'm Going to Tucson Arizona for Christmas

I've left San Carlos and am headed north to Arizona for about 3 week.  The first week will be in Tucson then I'll head over to Yuma for a week or so and then back to Mexico.  I've signed on for a caravan that will be leaving from the Nogales border crossing in AZ and going down to Jocotepec, later in January.  So have a few weeks to zoom back to the states to get a few things done.  Also hope to have time to visit with friends along the way.

There have been a few things going on that I haven't mentioned, yet.  The first one is that the electricity in Mexico can fluctuate quite a bit.  By that I mean that it can range from 108 volts to 145 volts.  My surge protecter didn't like that very much.  It would be constantly turning on and off, which is what it's supposed to be doing, protecting my rv from power surges.  Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos sells a power regulator, so I bought one and had it installed last week when I went into the RV park for two days to dump my tanks and fill up with water.

This is a picture of under my bed.  
You can see my second fresh water tank, 
half full, and that's my surge protector 
with its green light on, and the new white voltage regulator.  
I'm all set to go anywhere in Mexico.

The other thing I haven't talked about is that I've applied for and have received a Residente Temporal Visa, or as we say in english, a Temporary Resident Visa.  This is vary different from a tourist visa, which is only good for 180 days.  A Residente Temporal is good for a year at which time you can renew it for another 3 years.  If you want to stay longer, then you apply for a Residente Permanente Visa.  So now I have a Green Card for Mexico, I can't show it to you because there is all kinds of private info on it but it's a lot like a drivers license and Social Security card in one.  I also have long term TIP's, Temporary Import Permits, for both the RV and Honda.  The reason I did this, and it is quite a process let me tell you, is so I don't have to worry about how long I'm in Mexico, and I don't have to worry about which border crossing I use.  I'f you're a tourist you have to come and go through the same border crossing.  Now I can come and go as I please without needing to stop at immigration offices along the way.  

That's enough information for this blog now here are a few last random pictures from the beach.

My boy got pretty close to the water.

Missy did pretty good as well.

Yellow flowers, with an EarthRoamer RV 
parked on the dune in the background.

White butterfly flitting about.

All hooked up and ready to roll.

Good night from the Punta Vista RV Park in Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018

We Went for a Ride

One of my new neighbors took me for a drive down the beach in his little car. We saw many interesting things left on the beach from hurricane Rosa in September.

His little car.


Remember this guy?  His cousin lives in the hole in the next picture

and those are his foot prints in the sand

Sea turtle egg site marked for its protection

Thursday, December 6, 2018

I've Moved to the Beach

Just pictures today.

Standing on the sand dune looking to RV,
Bubba has run back to rv you can see his tail, but here's Missy

standing in same spot looking at Gulf of California.

Same spot looking towards town of San Carlos, MX.

You don't see me

now you do.

After being here for several days it was time to let the kitties go.  
Here's Missy sitting in the spot where I was standing
 for the other pictures.

And Bubba

We like it here, there are several other RVs parked around and we all visit and keep an eye on things.  This is a free for all area so it's first come gets the best spots and I have one of the nicest.  I plan on staying here until the end of January.