Thursday, September 5, 2019

Let's Continue with the Shopping Theme, Costco

Costco in Mexico is much like Costco in the US. I'll do some price conversion for you.  I'll use the exchange rate of 1 us dollar to 19 mx pesos.

Getting ready for Halloween

Patio furniture $2,473

White onions $4.47 a bag.

Dixie bowls $12.57

Saffron $15.21

This next picture is from a Soriana Híper grocery store, kind of like a Walmart, yes they have Daves bread here.

Daves bread $4.42

I've been here a month and I think I've managed to calm down.  It takes a lot of energy to gear up to come to Mexico and then once I get here it takes me a while to calm down.  It also takes me a bit to get use to driving here.   Driving laws that are written in stone in the US are sometimes just a suggestion here.  Like stop signs, a lot of Mexican drivers only slow down and some don't even do that, so when an American driver comes to a complete stop, which we better do because the police lurk, waiting to give tickets to American drivers for not stopping, the Mexican drivers don't like it and honk their horns at you.  And on some streets the lanes lines are no longer visible so you don't know if it's a 2 lane road or in our case yesterday a 3 lane road.  You kind of have to see what others are doing and hope for the best.  And I won't even start on the pot holes, my dad would call these Mexican pot holes, axle breakers. 

But I think I like it here and am planning on staying another couple of months.  I'm waiting for this rv park to empty out a bit and then I'll move closer to the ocean.  So all I have to do will be is look out my window to see this.

This west coast area of Baja is a nice place to spend the summer.  The weather is very mild with maybe only in the high 70's day time to mid 60"s night.  The bad thing, yes there's a bad thing about the weather is that at night the fog comes in making it a bit humid for me, 93%.  With daytime humidity levels running at about 77%.  So I have been running my air conditioner a lot to keep things inside the rv dry.  But heck, I can live with that.

Adiós for now.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Let's Go Grocery Shopping

Went grocery shopping the other day at Calimax.

Picture taken from Google maps.

Frutas y verduras, fruits and vegetables.

Huevos, eggs.
Mexico doesn't wash their eggs so no need to refrigerate.

Un pan, bread.

Check out about the same, I was in the 10 items or less.
Customer service counter in the background.

Sour Crawlers, $1.18 US dollars

Pre-cut squash, carrots corn and cabbage for sopa, soup, $1.93 US dollars.

6 Persian pepins, cucumbers.

Total, $245.14 pesos, about $12.90 US.
There's an ATM in this store that I used and the exchange rate 
was about $1 US to $19 pesos.
At the ATM you get $3000 pesos which is about $165 US.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Back on the Beach

I'm back at my happy place.  I love the beach.  This time I'm in Baja, Mexico. 

The Pacific Ocean with her fog bank off shore.

RV Park right in the beach, I'm parked on the other side of the park.

See those palm trees back there?  That's where the beach is, about 20 spaces away from me.

My friend Bonnie has been here for about two months so the first thing we did when I got here was go for lunch, of course.  Lobster it was, they bring a tray out and you choose which size you want.

Prices from left to right.
All in US dollars, $100, for the monster, $50, $40, $30 
and the little one on the far right, $20.  

The little ones were just right.  Drinking Limonada Minerál,
limeade with sparkling mineral water. Yummy.

That's all for now.  I'll be in Baja for several months, as it starts to cool down farther south Bonnie and I will work our way down.  Don't know when or where, playing it kind of loose and easy.

So long for now.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Collier Logging Museum

This week Diane and I went to the Collier Logging Museum.  Please click on the link to read about this wonderful outdoor collection of logging tools and equipment.  I'm going to focus on wheels in this short picture blog.

Interesting information about keeping things rolling.

Wooden wheels.

Not all wheels are on the ground, some are for steering.

And I could never resist a pretty face.

That's all for now.  

Monday, July 1, 2019

We Went Up Hurricane Ridge

Wikipedia says; "Hurricane Ridge is a mountainous area in Washington's Olympic National Park. Approximately 18 miles by road from Port Angeles, the ridge is open to hiking, skiing, and snowboarding and is one of the two most visited sites in the national park. At an elevation of 5,242 feet, Hurricane Ridge is a year-round destination." Wikipedia, if you'd like to read more about Hurricane Ridge click on the blue Wikipedia link.  

Looking east towards the Seattle area.

North towards Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Looking up to the top.

Topo map of the Olympic Peninsula.  
The Strait of Juan De Fuca are between the United States and Canada.
See the heavier dashed line there?  That's the border line.
See the lighter dashed line?  That's where the ferry 
runs between Port Angeles, Washington and Victoria Island, British Columbia.

See in the lower left, in the picture above, above the word Strait, there's a spit of land that juts out into the water?  That juts out from Dungeness County park where we stayed.  We also stayed in Salt Creek county park which is a bit west of Port Angeles.  

This marker was at Salt Creek park.  I'll tell you what is says.
Turning point 10 of the United States
and Canadian boundary between the 49th
parallel and the Pacific Ocean is 8358.5
meters N 13º10'28"E of this monument.
(North American datum of 1927)

A very calm day.

Next morning not so calm.  That's a cargo ship.

The trail along the bluff.

Our camp site.

So along the theory that it's a small world,  I belong to a fair amount of facebook groups dealing with RVing and such things.  So on one of my walks around Salt Creek I saw a Born Free rv.  My friend Kyra has a Born Free and she belongs to a Born Free group.  I thought to myself that Kyra probably knows those people.  About 30 minutes later I'm scrolling through facebook and someone posts that they're in Salt Creek and I posted that I was too.  She said they were in the Born Free rv and to come over for a visit which I did.  

Here's Sharen by her Born Free rv, and yes, she knows Kyra.
We had a very nice visit.

The info about Hurricane Ridge at the beginning of this post was copied and pasted from Wikipedia, that's why it looks different.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Our Boat Trip Down and Up the Columbia River

I took this picture of our boat the day before our cruise,
 when the sun was shinning.

To learn about the Bridge of the Gods click here.

Entering the lock at Bonneville Dam.
  It's open and waiting for us.

Almost in.

In and secured.

It takes 12 minutes for the water to flow out of the lock.
Lower gates opening and the swing bridge is almost all the way back.

And away we go down river.

The water flowing from the lower concrete pipe is the lower end
 of the fish ladder on the Washington side. 
The sprinklers are to create camouflage for the fish.
Before the sprinklers were installed birds would hang around
and grab the fish as they came out the pipe.

Upper Multnomah Falls drops 542 feet down to the lower falls
which you can't see in this picture. 
To learn about the falls click here.

I'm adding two pictures of the falls that I took a few days before.

Here we are back in the lock, going up.  These are the upper gates.
When the lock is full of water the bottom of our boat will be
20 feet higher than the top of the solid part of the gate,
which won't move when the gates open.
We'll rise a total of 60 feet.

All most open.

If you look closely at the lower right corner of the blue roof on the left,
there's a red light.  We're waiting for the green light to exit the lock.

Ok, that wraps up our boat trip down and back up the Columbia River in Oregon.   After leaving that area we headed over towards theYakama Washington area spending several days without internet.  Now we're in the Port Angeles Washington area.  More about that in the next post.

Missie in our new front yard.